When a human being is confronted with the vulnerability of their existence, by old age, illness or by any other cause, the need for God’s close proximity and powerful support can give a feeling of strength. So, since the earliest of times, the church performs the sacrament of the anointing of the sick/last rites. At the request of the sick person themself, or by people around them, the priest can administer these sacraments.

By prayer, laying on of hands and anointment with oil, their sins are forgiven and the power of the Holy Spirit is received. This is an intense event, consoling for the recipient and for all who are present.

Each year, a communal celebration for elderly and sick people is offered in our church. During this celebration, the anointment of the sick/last rites are administered communally to all those who submit a request. Those who are at home or in the hospital, and would like to receive this anointment individually, can contact the rector or the presbytery (020-6231923). One of the priests will then get in contact to set up a date and time of the anointment of the sick/last rites.

During a church funeral, relatives and the church community commend the deceased to God’s mercy and love. With the life of Jesus, we offer the faithful life of this deceased human being to God’s paternal goodness in the celebration of the Eucharist. We bid a ceremonial farewell to the deceased.

When someone has expressed the wish to be carried out from the Krijtberg after death, it is desirable to inform the rector at an early stage. After the passing, the family or the undertaker contacts the presbytery of the Krijtberg to arrange the date and time of the funeral.

Please also fill out the request form for this. The priest, who will lead the funeral, will contact the family to prepare the celebration. At that point, it can be agreed upon whether the priest will also accompany the deceased to the cemetery or crematorium.

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