Three sacraments of initiation are known within the Roman Catholic Church: Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Baptism is our personal introduction to Jesus and our entry into his community in this world.

Holy Communion is God’s invitation to His table with the community of His people, where Jesus Christ offers himself to us as living bread for this world and with the promise that for each of us, death will be overcome because of his resurrection.

The third sacrament, Confirmation, is our personal experience of Pentecost: we receive the Spirit of God, in prayer, laying on of hands and anointment with chrism, and are sent into the world as His disciples to witness in word and deed the presence of God’s love and mercy among the people.

The confirmation will be administered on the Sunday after Pentecost.

Children are eligible for Confirmation, if they have been baptized and have received Holy Communion. In the Netherlands, the minimum age for Confirmation is twelve years of age.

A different course applies for adults. See Baptism and confirmation of adults.

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