Amsterdam is sometimes referred to as the ‘Miracle City’ — a nickname which it has earned for an incredible event that rendered it a place of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages. Tradition has it, that on the 15 March 1345, a man lay seriously ill in his house on the Kalverstraat. Thinking he was about to die, he called for a priest to administer the last rites, including the Blessed Sacrament. After receiving the host, the man became sick and finally vomited. As was the custom, what he had brought up was thrown on the fire. The next morning the host was discovered undamaged in the ashes. It was put into a box and taken by a priest to the parish church (the present-day Oude Kerk), but on two occasions miraculously made its way back to the house on the Kalverstraat.

And this is how the tradition of the so-called Miracle Procession began, the same which we will be celebrating together even this year. The international Living Stones community active at De Krijtberg have put together this program (in English) to commemorate the event and to which all young adults are warmly invited:

YOUTH PROGRAM: Miracle of Amsterdam

Saturday 18 March 2023
14:00-17:00 – Guided explanations at De Krijtberg church (focus on the theme of the Eucharist)
17:30 – 18:30 – Workshop #1: Spirituality and Music (by Sofia Robisco, from LS Madrid)
19:00 – Light refreshments
20:00 – Song practice (guided)
20:30 – Workshop #2: Introduction to the Miracle of Amsterdam (by Fr Jan Stuyt SJ)
21:00 – Holy Mass and Adoration
23:00 – Procession Stille Omgang (Silent Walk)

LOCATION: The Ignatiushuis, Beulingstraat 11, close to Spui and Koningsplein.


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