Solemnity Corpus Christi

On Sunday, June 23th, the Church celebrates the ‘Solemnity of the Most Blessed Sacrament’. There were many meetings of Jesus in a table community: with Pharisees, with tax collectors and sinners, with the crowd, as we read today, with his disciples – with the Last Supper as the highlight and summary. Jesus survived the desperation of his death: the disciples hear him say, “Give them food.” Then we notice the simplicity of Jesus’ approach: He takes bread and fish – He works with what is available. He takes us as we are. Then He speaks His blessing on it, breaks it and gives it to us. And then follows the abundance: twelve baskets, one for each tribe of Israel. Pastor of this Sunday: Ben Frie SJ

On this Sunday, in our third Eucharist – starting at 12:30 – children receive Holy Communion for the first time. You are cordially invited to celebrate this with the children and their families and friends.


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