Two periods: first week of August (6-9); second week of August (12-15) in the Krijtberg church, Singel 448; Ignatiushuis, Beulingstraat 11. You can also participate for a shorter period (1 or 2 days).

A team of Jesuits (Bastiaan van Rooijen, Pascal Calu, Steven Noon, Mark Logtenberg and Ben Frie) offers you The Amsterdam Summer Retreat. A morning, afternoon and evening in silence, a midday or evening Mass, a daily program during four days.

There is a prayer to begin every day (9.00 a.m.) and a prayer session to conclude the day (20.00 p.m.) You will be given biblical texts to meditate and pray with (3 pieces a day). You can, if you wish, take part in a guided meditation (morning 9.30 a.m., afternoon 15.00 p.m. and evening 19.00 p.m.

Getting more familiar with God and his presence in silence; find more rest in your life, deepen your faith life as a Christian. You live in a contemplative mood for 4 days, wherever you go. You are supposed to refrain from any media use and prefer silence during the four days. You will be given a personal guide with whom you meet daily. You share simple meals in the group in silence in the rectory or the Ignatiushuis. You may find places for your meditation elsewhere in the town (e.g. adjacent churches). You sleep in your own bed (at home, in your hotel or with friends). There will be a group experience, as you will not be alone, even when you are in silence.

Register in the Krijtberg church

Contribute in the costs as much as you can (e.g. € 10,- a day)

Daily program

9.00-9.15          Opening of the day with prayer

9.30-10.00       Guided meditation (Krijtberg, choir)

Possibility to meet your guide

13.00-17.30     Krijtberg open to visitors; guided tours; every hour a short prayer

Room for meditation; silent prayer/meditation in Ignatiushuis

15.00-15.30    Guided meditation in Ignatiushuis

17.45-18.15      Mass (Krijtberg)

18.30-19.00    Guided meditation (Krijtberg)

20.00-20.15   Closing prayer