Monday – Friday

12.30 pm: H. Mass in Dutch


12.30 hrs: H. Mass in Dutch

17.15 hrs: H. Mass in English

(Vigil Mass of the Sunday)


10.30 hrs: H. Mass in Latin, Gregorian chant

12.30 hrs: H. Mass in Dutch

17.15 hrs: H. Mass in Dutch, Dutch sung

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Celebration of the Eucharist   The celebration of the Eucharist, also known as the celebration of the Holy Mass, is the most important celebration in the Catholic Church. During that celebration we comply with the instruction of Jesus, our Lord, which He gave to his disciples during their last supper together, on the evening before His death. During that meal Jesus took bread and divided it among them with the words: ‘This is my body’. And when He also shared a cup of wine with them, which He had referred to as: ‘My blood, spilled for all’, He specifically said: Do this in remembrance of me’. During the celebration of this meal of remembrance, the suffering and death of Jesus are recognised and we also share in his body and blood. There are many variations in which this meal of remembrance can be celebrated; on weekdays this will generally happen in a simpler and quieter way than on Sundays, when the whole community comes together in His remembrance. Also on special occasions, such as funerals or marriages, the celebration may have a more elaborate or festive atmosphere. All these variations are practiced in the Krijtberg.


Two parts united in one celebration   The Holy Mass always has two clearly distinct parts. The first part is the celebration of the Word. Through lectures from the Holy Scriptures we stay in contact with our history of salvation and with the experiences of people through the ages in their dealings with God. The second part is the celebration of the Eucharist. In this, gratitude is given to God for his good gifts, especially for sending us Jesus, his Son. His words and actions during the last supper are recounted and replicated, so that everyone can participate.