What is Living Stones?

Living Stones is an international community of Christian youth who strive to make Jesus Christ – as the Beauty of the Church – known through the beauty of sacred and religious heritage. Living Stones communities live with a distinctive style that prioritizes prayer, intense community life, theological and art historical education, simplicity, service, concern for marginalized people and complete surrender.

Living Stones was founded in 2008 with an international camp in Rome, but has since grown to include more than 30 communities from different countries, as far away as South America. In addition to local community meetings and guided visits offered throughout the year, several international formation seminars, service camps, workshops and spiritual retreats are organized each year.

For Living Stones, Christian art is a form of prayer. But it is also a narrative, a story of holiness. To behold the artwork, then, is to enter into the prayer of the artist and the history it tells. It enables a moment of spiritual communion through the ages, where the visitor to the church becomes a pilgrim and protagonist. When the “dead stones” of the sacred building are given a living voice, the contemporary visitor can discover the sacred space as a mirror of his or her own experience, inner life, identity and, ultimately, vocation.

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