The Netherlands, Flanders, Ireland en Great Britain

The close cooperation between the  provinces (regional administrative units of the Society of Jesus) in North West Europe is increasing. This is how the Jesuits in this part of the world can maintain their strength and continue to spread the message of Jesus. Especially now that the number of members in these countries is shrinking considerably.

The British Province

176 Jesuits live in the British Province, divided over 19 communities in Great Britain, 3 communities in Guyana (South-America) and two communities in South Africa. They work as parish priests, school pastors, academics, writers, physicians, spiritual mentors and artists.

Jesuit churches can be found in London (Mayfair, Stamford Hill and Southall), Boscombe, Liverpool, Stonyhurst, Preston, Edinburgh and Glasgow.


The Irish Province

Although the Irish province was officially founded in 1860, the Jesuits had been present on the island for more than a century, however often secretly and under the threat of persecution by the (then) protestant British government. Currently we find Jesuits and their staff working in areas such as academic research and publication, spirituality and spiritual direction, (secondary) schools and social justice.

Jesuit churches can be found in Dublin and Galway.

St. Beuno’s spirituality centre in Wales

Manresa spirituality centre in Dublin