Since 2009 there is a visiting group within the diaconal work of the Krijtberg. The previous volunteers, and many who have signed up since then, are active in visiting people who are sick, or people who for whatever reason are no longer able to come to church and miss the connection with the Krijtberg.

What do we do?

When someone is sick and expresses the wish to be visited, we will try to comply with their request. The same goes for those who can no longer attend church independently. There is also a possibility to receive the holy communion at home. This is done by appointed laypersons, men as well as women. When it turns out that a conversation with a priest is necessary, for example to receive the sacrament of penance and reconciliation (confession) or the sacrament of the anointing of the sick or last rites, this will be arranged.

However, it is not always possible that we, as visiting group, track these people. So, if you have a wish, please indicate this or have someone else reach out. Furthermore, once every two years, a day of the sick is organized by the church and presbytery. This usually takes place in the month of September. You will be informed about this via the newsletter and the website in due time.


If you would like to register as a volunteer to join the visiting group, please do! You can register with mr. Gerwin Roffel: tel. 020-6231923 or by email. He will get in touch with you for a conversation.


Contact details

If you would like to receive visitors, you can register at the presbytery of the Krijtberg: tel: 020-6231923.

Your question will be transferred to the coordinator of the visiting group, mrs. Truus Groen. She will then contact you to make an appointment.