Summertime: Free guided tours

In the first two weeks of July, ARC youth will give free guided tours in Krijtberg.┬áThis project was initiated by the ecumenical Christian organisation ARC Netherlands/Flanders. This organisation brings groups of young people together during the summer holidays for projects in various churches and cathedrals in Europe. ARC’s mission is to increase tolerance among Christians and between non-Christians and Christians, based on the Christian heritage, in order to contribute to a pluricultural and pluri-confessional society based on respect, understanding and appreciation.
Website ARC:

In connection with this: in the last weeks of July (17-31), there will be several free tours of our church building by young people from ‘Living Stones’.
These young people are members of the ‘Living Stones’ community, an international community of Christian youth communities that strives to proclaim Jesus Christ – that is, the Beauty of the Church – through the beauty of sacred and religious heritage.
The Living Stones communities have a distinctive style that prioritises prayer, intense community life, theological and art historical education, simplicity, service, concern for marginalised people and complete gratitude.
Their website is:
Facebook: @PietreVive

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