When we are baptised, we (or our parents on our behalf) say ‘yes’ to God’s invitation. Secondly, we are accepted into the Christian community of faith and the Roman Catholic Church.

In the sacrament of the Eucharist (communion), we deepen our relationship with God. Under the forms of bread and wine, Christ gives Himself in His Body and Blood. The Holy Mass in which this happens is a celebration of community, local and connected to the worldwide Church.

When children first participate in the Euchristy and receive Christ we speak of First Holy Communion. It requires from the child some insight and understanding of how people are connected and how good and evil play a role in it. Hence, the minimum age for First Holy Communion is set at 7 years by the Church. Of course, older is also allowed.

If there is sufficient interest, we start preparing for First Holy Communion (for children 7 years and older) in the autumn. The preparation consists of about eight meetings. Normally, First Holy Communion will be celebrated on Corpus Christi, the second Sunday after Pentecost. Father Ward Biemans SJ and a volunteer. will oversee the course. The preparation will be in Dutch. When there is not sufficient interest, we refer to the preparation for First Holy Communion at St. Nicolas Basilica, Prins Hendrikkade 73 (in Dutch) or at the Church of Our Lady, Keizersgracht 218b (in English).

A different course is available for adults.

See baptism and confirmation for adults.

You can register your child here. (All information is required):


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