When we are baptized, two very special relationships are established. First of all we (or our parents on our behalf) say “yes” to the invitation from God, to confirm our relationship with him. As our creator, God has “wanted us in the world” and by his love, and through the love between a man and a woman, our existence became a biological fact. We do not have to justify our existence. The fact that we exist is all that is necessary, and it is good. So God is with us from the beginning, and by baptism that relationship is reciprocal. Secondly, we are then incorporated into the Christian community of faith and into the Roman Catholic Church. This is also a reciprocal relationship: we join and they accept us.

These relationships exist on a fundamental level of our lives. Once formed, they are for life, although not changeless, just like all human relationships. That is why we can and need to be baptized only once in our lives. In the sacrament of the Eucharist we deepen our relationship with God in a more intimate way. In the form of bread and wine, Christ gives himself in body and blood and we partake of Him, in that moment not only spiritually, but also physically. This happens in such a way that there is no separation between physical and spiritual. The Holy Mass, during which this happens, is a celebration of the entire community, locally and worldwide, and thus it adds a new dimension to our relationship with that community of faith. Celebrating the Eucharist together is therefore a celebration that can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

The candidate does need to show some level of insight and understanding of relationships, of how people connect with each other and how good and bad play a role in this. This is why the church has set the minimum age for First Holy Communion at seven years. Older is of course also allowed. A different course is available for adults.

See baptism and confirmation for adults.

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