September 1st

Churches on route 2022: day trip along church locations of one of the affiliated denominations.

Around 2000, the pleasant neighborliness of the Roman Catholic Krijtberg, the Mennonite Singelkerk and the Old Lutheran Church on Spui grew into an ecumenical group of friends, who gave themselves the battle name: The Holy Triangle, or H3H (Heilige 3 Hoek).
Mutual conversations of the pastors resulted in ecumenical initiatives. Some of those initiatives lasted only for a short amount of time, for example, the ecumenical barbecue on Pentecost Sunday. However, other ones were successful and have been going on for many years now. 
This ecumenical bond evolved from H3H into H4H in 2015, since the English Reformed Church on the Begijnhof has joined this initiative. The affiliated churches take turns in hosting the celebrations.