Ignatius Cantata

Free Concert  •  Dutch Premiere  •  On Pentecost Sunday 9 June, at 15.00 hours, you can enjoy a special concert. On this Sunday the Dutch premiere of the Ignatius Cantata will take place in the context of a twofold 40th anniversary of priesthood. The admittance is free.

This cantata, a piece for choir, baritone, guitar and ensemble, is composed around the texts of Ignatius van Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order. He has written a booklet called “Spiritual Exercises”. The source of the Spiritual Exercises is Ignatius’ own experience of God. When he noticed that his insights could also help others, he wrote them down. Because if you want to master a language, play a musical instrument or use a computer: nothing goes without practice. Nor can spiritual life. If you want to make progress in the spiritual, you have to practise it.

What would the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola sound like if they were to be sung? Brother Kris Oelbrandt, monk of the abbey of Orval and composer, was confronted with this question when he received a visit from two Jesuits of the Old Abbey of Drongen (B). They had something to celebrate and asked Kris to set the Spiritual Exercises to music. The result was this Ignatius cantata.

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