To all those connected

with the Krijtberg. Church and state have recently made announcements on how we should deal with the restrictive measures concerning the Corona virus in the coming period. For the Krijtberg, too, far-reaching changes are needed. In the month of June we may restart our celebrations, but in a church that respects the one and a half meter society. The maximum number of visitors for that month is 30 in each celebration; in July it will be allowed to rise to 100, but our church will only be able to accommodate 52 people. You will have to make a reservation if you want to go to the church, and if you are there you will receive instructions about your seat and about the procedure for Communion.

Communion was the biggest problem to solve. Every physical touch must be avoided, so that for the time being we cannot administer baptism and confirmation. Confessions can only be made in the rectory, also after appointment. For the communion we have found a solution that allows you to communicate by hand or on the tongue without having to touch the wafer with your hand. We place the wafers for you on a table and a tray, on which the wafers are placed on cotton pads. You can take the wafer with the cotton wool pad, consume it in the way you like and then throw the cotton wool pad away in a bowl (afterwards, the pads are burned).

Everything is different from what you are used to and perhaps would like to do. We ask for your cooperation and understanding. Please join the instructions given to you so that – as limited as we are for the time being – we can celebrate in an acceptable way. And leave room for your fellow churchgoers: you will not be able to go to church on a daily basis, if only to achieve a fair distribution over the week.

Churches are a danger zone for the spread of the virus, as we saw repeatedly. Nevertheless, with all the caution that is necessary, we are trying to relive what we are looking for in the church: the encounter with the living Lord. I invite you to make that possible again together.

Father Ben Frie SJ, rector

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