The Krijtberg parish, like all parishes in the city center of Amsterdam, was formally discontinued in the seventies of the last century, to be included in the new City-church. There was even an actual closing and demolition of the building at het Singel. A group of parishioners, together with the priest, then bought the church building and, with consent of the bishop and in cooperation with the society of Jesus, continued the liturgical and pastoral work. The building is property of a foundation according to Dutch civil law, the Management Foundation De Krijtberg. Cadastrally the church covers the plots Singel 442, 444 and 446, since three homes have been demolished at het Singel for the build of this church at the end of the nineteenth century. The house number of the church is 446. Statutorily, the rector of the church is the chair of the Management Foundation.


Advent 2013 in the Krijtberg: lighting the third candle on the Advent wreath for the mass on the 3rd Sunday


Management Foundation De Krijtberg

[Beheerstichting De Krijtberg]

Singel 448, 1017 AV  Amsterdam

Chairman: rector Ben Frie SJ