For people who would like to join the Roman Catholic Church, a yearly religious course is organized in the Krijtberg. During a period of six months we meet about twenty times to gather knowledge, as individuals and as a group, of the Catholic faith, Christianity and the Catholic Church. Besides that, there are also evenings and celebrations in which this can be experienced in real life. Our God has become human in Jesus Christ, who could be experienced with all senses by his fellow man. As risen Lord, He still lives in our midst and we experience Him in our own world and our own time. We celebrate this within the community of religious people. As a Christian, one is connected to all others, as is Christ. Subjects covered in the course include God, Jesus Christ, the Trinity, Revelations, Bible, formal and personal prayer, Mary and the Saints, confession of faith, the sacraments, the Holy Mass, the church as community and institution, the social teaching and diaconal and volunteer work.

This course can also be taken by people who want to know more about the Catholic Faith, without wanting to become Catholic themselves. Or by Catholics, who want to gain more in-depth knowledge of their faith.

Adults receive the three sacraments of Initiation, Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation in one single celebration. For the participants of this religious course, the celebration is during the Easter Vigil on the evening before Easter Sunday. Those who have been baptized in another Christian tradition and have been acknowledged by the Catholic Church will not be baptized again.

One can already register for the religious course 2018-2019. For further questions, you can contact the rector.

Time: 7.30 – 9.30 pm

Location: presbytery of the Krijtberg


Dates season 2018:

4, 11, 18, 25 October;

8, 15, 22, 29 November;

7, 13 December


2019: 17, 24, 31 January;

7, 14, 21, 27 Februari;

6 (Ashwednesday), 14, 21, 28 March

Thursday 4 april: Boeteviering.

Thursday 11 april: afsluiting van de voorbereidingen.

Woensdag 17 april: Chrisma-mis in de Kathedrale Basiliek Sint Bavo in Haarlem.

Zaterdag 20 april, 20.00 uur: Paaswake.


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