Each year people come to the Krijtberg church and ask to be received into the Roman Catholic Church. We are happy to receive these applicants: it is an enrichment for us when adults ask if they can join us. Every year at Easter around ten persons are received into the catholic Church. We do this in De Krijtberg since 1985 every year.

Some of these people were never baptised. Others were baptised as children – either Catholic or protestant, and they want to deepen their faith and know more about our customs, traditions and teaching. All are welcome: newcomers from various backgrounds, and also Catholics who were out of touch with the church for a few years, but who would like to rediscover the tradition were their parents came from.

We organize a course of about twenty Tuesday evenings, beginning October 24, 2023, leading up to Easter 2024.

During eight months we come together to share knowledge, as individuals and as a group, of the Catholic faith, Christianity and the Catholic Church. We talk about how we read the Bible, what the Our Father means, and what we celebrate in Sunday mass. Subjects covered in the course include God, Jesus Christ, the Trinity, Bible, formal and personal prayer, Mary and the Saints, Profession of faith, the sacraments, the Holy Mass, the Jesuit order (the Krijtberg is since four centuries a Jesuit Church), the church as community and as an institution and the social teaching of the Church.

Besides that there will be a few evenings on which we will pray and celebrate our pilgrimage towards Easter.

This course can also be followed by people who want to know more about the Catholic Faith, without wanting to become Catholic themselves. Or by Catholics who want to gain more in-depth knowledge of their faith.


If a person wants to join the catholic Church and is accepted, he or she receives the Sacrament of Baptism. People who have been baptised already in another Church are usually not baptised again, but they may receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

This course is also offered in Dutch, led by father Marc Lindeijer. CLICK HERE >>

The course will only take place when at least six persons have signed in. There is no fixed price – small donations may be asked for coffee, tea and printed handouts – never exceeding the amount of €3 per evening.


Faith Course in English in De Krijtberg

Time: Tuesday evenings  7.30 – 9.30 pm  (in December on Thursdays)

Location: presbytery of the Krijtberg, Singel 448 Amsterdam


Dates  2023- 2024:

24 October:  introduction to the course

         come and see if this is something for you

31 October  

7, 14, 21, 28  November

14 and 21 December  (Thursdays)


16, 23, 30 January 2024

6  February


 14 February  Ash Wednesday

20 and 27 February

5, 12,  19  March

During Holy Week, last week of March 2024

         Wednesday, March 27,  Mass in Haarlem Catrhedral

         Saturday Rehearsal of Ceremony

         Easter Sunday, March 31, evening Mass ( 5.15 p.m.) with Baptism

Three more meetings after Easter in April: 9, 16, 23.


Please note that there are other activities in English as well: 

Preparation for weddings by Father Ojeda from the Church Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk: CLICK HERE >>

Saturday evenings  from October 7, 2023. Gatherings of students and young professionals: prayer, meal and formation, every Saturday evening with the  Living Stones @ De Krijtberg, after the English evening mass.

One can register now for the course Faith Instruction 2023 – 2024

For further questions, you can contact Father Jan Stuyt SJ who will lead the course this coming year. He can be reached HERE >>

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