The ‘Academy’ is the name used to refer to the activities of the Jesuits in Amsterdam. It includes courses, lectures, reading groups, often with an Ignatian signature. We strive for a very good quality of our programm, but participation does not (usually) require any special knowledge or expertise.

Personal education


For people who would like to join the Roman Catholic Church, a yearly religious course is organized in the Krijtberg. During a period of six months we meet about twenty times to gather knowledge, as individuals and as a group, of the Catholic faith, Christianity and the Catholic Church. Besides that, there are also evenings and celebrations in which this can be experienced in real life.


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Meditation and retraites


A team of Jesuits offers you The Amsterdam Summer Retreat. A morning, afternoon and evening in silence, a midday or evening Mass, a daily program during four days. Two periods: first week of August (6-9); second week of August (12-15). You can also participate for a shorter period (1 or 2 days).


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