6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus touches a leper. Jesus breaks the rules of keeping a distance: He is deeply moved, reaches out to the sick person and “purifies” the sick person. He makes the sick person pure. We should not interpret this as a licence to bend the COVID rules and break the quarantine.

What does it mean?
God comes to our world. God becomes human. He is not carried around in a sedan chair so that he does not have to touch our dirty world. No, God becomes human with all the consequences that entails: with all the filth and the risks of disease. He shares our humanity and incorporates us into his divine life.

This is also how the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt began. “I have seen the misery of my people”, God says to Moses. God is not unmoved by their misery. We can also believe this in times of COVID. God is moved by it, He is affected by it.

This weekend’s pastor: Jan Stuyt SJ

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