27th Sunday Ordinary Time

This October month, which is only a few days old, has been declared an Extraordinary Month of Mission of the Church by Pope Francis. Most of us think of ‘Mission Sunday’, and of all those men and women, religious and lay, who left their country and family to proclaim the Gospel in distant regions. But times have changed. Missionaries are rarely sent out anymore.

However, Jesus’ mission to his church has not changed: “Go, then, make all nations disciples, baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to keep all that I have commanded you. This task of our Lord is not one of the possible activities of the Church. No, says the Pope, this is her essential task. The church is by nature proclaiming and missionary. And that applies to all members of that church, no matter where they live or work.

October is also the month of the Rosary. Our church and our world need the intercession of Mother Mary. Not everyone is called to be a missionary or a preacher. But everyone can support the missionary efforts of the church with her or his prayer.

Pastor of the weekend: Gregory A. Brenninkmeijer sSJ

Photo of this post: the rosary of Mgr. De Jong
Picture of the slider on the homepage: James Coleman, via Unsplash

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